Kaua’i: Secret secret, I’ve got a secret

This will be a first post in many detailing the Button’s first real vacation in some time. Where did we decide to go? Just about the exact opposite of Lubbock. It reads almost like an SAT question: Lubbock is to ________ as: desert is to ocean, lleno estecado is to mountains, dust storms are to […]

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a trip to mexico city

february has taken the Buttons to a range of states, including Illinois, Indiana Ohio, and–most recently–Mexico City. Okay, okay. Not a state, but still. The Mexico City trip was a last minute trip, planned when we found tickets to Mexico City for under $300. So after a quick turn around from the Indiana trip, M. […]

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The Buttons : 2013 overview

Okay, Okay. It’s been over a year since we posted. We know. We’re horrible bloggers. But we’ve been busy with the this and that of living in Lubbock. Here’s our year in overview. January 2013: The Buttons Start Semester 2 We finally started to figure out the details of working at TTU. Know where bathrooms […]

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Roughing it, for realz.

Having received a freaking awesome backpacking stove, it is time to figure out a reason to use it. We finally settled on a reason called Palo Duro Canyon state park. Since I didn’t link to the Wikipedia page, allow me to enlighten you: its average depth is 900 ft average width is 6 miles making […]

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The Carbonator Xx-thousand

Well, the Button household decided several weeks ago to go sans-soda. After several false starts we have have succeeded through a product I am calling The Carbonator Xx-thousand. Not the catchiest name, but its not for sale so…. There are similar things that you can buy in the store, like the Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda […]

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Roughing It: Or Something Like That

As you may or may not know, Dr. Button and I were planning to go camping for his birthday. We had reserved a campsite, well, two, actually, and were excited about spending his birthday outdoors. This compares not to last year’s birthday at the Avetts Brothers Concert, but we were dedicated to trying.   Unfortunately, […]

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Practicing “Texan”

I am visiting my family in Indiana this weekend, ostentatiously to celebrate the arrival of my niece and my brother and sister-in-law’s new daughter: Besides being the most beautiful baby ever, she sleeps. Alot. Like so much it boggles the mind. For example Kelly just informed me that Georgia just finished a 2 hour nap […]

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An Apple Butter Festival! (minus the apple butter)

Well, we decided on this Saturday of saturdays to venture out past the warm and comfortable confines of Lubbock’s Highway 289 and explore the cultural events native to the Lleno Estacato. Specifically we decided to venture out to the Apple Butter festival, just 4 miles past Idalou… or next door in Texas Standard Distance. I […]

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Wreck’m Tech

Awesome seats for our first Texas Tech football game thanks to Joyce and Becky!

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Y’all have a good morning!

Something that continues to surprise K and I is just how *friendly* everyone is here. And it isn’t just a superficial hello as you pass on the street. People in Lubbock genuinely seem to share and care to a degree that would be disconcerting if it weren’t so dang sincere. Case in point, the first […]

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