The Carbonator Xx-thousand

Well, the Button household decided several weeks ago to go sans-soda. After several false starts we have have succeeded through a product I am calling The Carbonator Xx-thousand. Not the catchiest name, but its not for sale so…. There are similar things that you can buy in the store, like the Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda […]

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Texas Learnin’: Friday Night Lights

As might be obvious to, well, anyone with a brain, Friday Night Lights is clearly one of the best TV shows ever written. This might be obvious from the FNL binge that has dominated my life. Mind you, the marathon was enjoyed while packing up several rooms of the house. <deciding what you can live […]

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The Story of Us

Not everyone reading this is necessarily familiar with us, the Buttons, so we thought we would recap here… Wow, where to begin. I suppose the space ship would be a good start… Yes, while Kristen and Craig had seen each other first on the soccer field and later that night at a local bar, it […]

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