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A rhetorician and a mechanical engineer (heretofore the Buttons*) move to Lubbock. These are their stories.


*The origin of the nickname Buttons: In Lafayette, where Kristen (rhetorician) and Craig (mechanical engineer) met, they were friends with a whole gaggle of rhetoricians, who had it in their head that, in order to avoid splitting up the gaggle they could create a university made up entirely of rhetoricians. Seeing as how Craig was not a rhetorician, provisions were made for employing him as the local handy man, aka  dr. fixit: whenever anything broke, we would press a big Red Button (like the Easy Button), and Craig would come to the rescue. Hence, he was bequeathed the nickname, Red Button. And on May 26th, when the couple was wed, they preserved their individual full names for professional contexts, but are now (in some circles) known as Mr. and Mrs. Button, or The Buttons.



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  1. Aunt Jeanne

    Hello! I’ve read several of your posts and can give testimony that most of Texas is as friendly as Lubbock. At least that’s our experience here in San Antonio.
    If you plan a visit to San Antonio, count on spending about 8 hours on the road and one night staying over. We hope you’ll stay with us when you do drive down so we can give you a tour of part of S.A. My back has curtailed most of our extended excursions but we can certainly show you the highlights.
    If you hope to travel to the gulf that will take an additional 2 hours (max) but will afford you the chance to dip your toe in the Gulf of Mexico. They have fresh shrimp and very entertaining boat tours.
    Be sure to let us know when you’re coming so we can clean up the place:)

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