The Buttons : 2013 overview

Okay, Okay. It’s been over a year since we posted. We know. We’re horrible bloggers. But we’ve been busy with the this and that of living in Lubbock. Here’s our year in overview.

January 2013: The Buttons Start Semester 2

We finally started to figure out the details of working at TTU. Know where bathrooms are? Check. Know how to find course rosters? Check. Know who to ask when we don’t know what to do? Check.

February 2013: The Buttons See the Avetts

As you likely know, we Buttons are Avett Brothers enthusiasts. All good folk are, we’ve noticed. M. Button surprised Red with a trip to Grand Rapids, MI for Avett Brothers concert in February 2013. It was epic. We flew to Chicago, where we met up with long time pals lp & jb for dinner at an Indian Fusion place. Delightful!


Just one of the AWESOME pics of the Avetts



The Avetts Break it Down

In March, the Buttons traveled to the major Rhetoric and Composition conference. While Dr. Mrs. Button worked, Red Button played. And at night we met up with old friends to see the city of lights and catch up.


The Buttons at the Bedford Party


Friends, Reunited!

April 2013: The Buttons Have Visitors!

In April, we had our first out of town visitors. Mom and Robin trekked down from St. Louis to live in the lap of luxury. We took them to our favorite mid-century resale shop, toured the Lubbock food scene, and invited them to make no decisions at all for the entire trip. They were the first of our visitors in Lubbock, and it felt like home had come come.

May 2013: The Buttons Finish a Year

In May, we completed our first full year of teaching at TTU. M. Button’s year concluded with the TCR May Seminar–a 2 week period where students from the online program come to Lubbock and engage in 2 weeks of rhetorical bootcamp: they live together in dorms, take classes, do annual reviews, present their work, and meet f2f with colleagues they’ve been working with online all year. It’s intense. And really, really fun.

June 2013: The Buttons Buy A House

In May, we did the most unthinkably adult thing we could do: bought a house. Seems crazy to buy a house after just a year some place, but really in Lubbock the price of living is so low (SO LOW) and the rental market is so saturated with renters (SO SATURATED) that it just makes sense to go ahead and buy. The house is just 3 miles from campus–bikable most days–and is fairly centrally located.


Uh. Huh. The most expensive thing we’ve ever bought. And, apparently, it wasn’t all that bad, as houses go.

The Buttons Say Goodbye to akb In the midst of the house-buying we also had to say good-bye to one of our dearest Lubbock friends who moved to Ohio for a new job.  She was the only friend we made in our first year who would come to our house in pajamas and watch movies, who’d drop buy just for wine and bitching, who’d come check on our cats if our travel was delayed. Wah Wah.

July 2013: The Buttons Go To Lowes

So if you’ve bought a house, you know that, essentially, your weekends become an endless trip to Lowe’s. We were no different. From sanding and staining our own floors, to repainting most of the rooms, to redoing one of the bathrooms, it seemed our entire month was a series of home repair and visits to the home repair store. Admittedly, it’s now February 2014, and we’re /still/ not finished with our home repair list. Ah, well.

August 2013: M. Button, Live!

In addition to the home repair, July was filled with rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, in which M. Button had a lead role. The role of the Narrator is a demanding part–2 full hours of singing the story of Joseph–and it’s safe to say that while M. Button was thrilled about the opportunity to sing again after several years, that particular role was quite a beast as a re-entry part. BUT the performances brought 3 sets of visitors: Red’s parents came, and both M. Button’s Dad and Mom (with Robin!!) came to see the show as well.


The Story Begins. M. Button with the wonderful kids’ chorus from Joseph.


The Cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



Mom and M. Button, before trying to fit two big ol’ rocking chairs in our itty bitty car.

September 2013: The Buttons Take Year 2

Year Two begin without much down time between M. Button’s show and the semester start. Luckily, the month was full of fun travel for M. Button and lots of travel prep for Red. M. Button was lucky enough to present at Feminisms and Rhetorics 2013 in Stanford, CA, and took the opportunity to drive up the coast to see the new home of our dear friends lp & jb. We hiked in the Redwoods and Fern Canyon, walked along beautiful beaches, and had lovely meals together. Some friends just feel like home–and, of course, the gorgeous sites don’t hurt either.


Driving through the Red Woods


Friends, renuited! And hiking in Fern Canyon


West Coast Sunset

October 2013: Red Button, One Year Older; Little Georgia, One Year

October 1st brought two amazing people into the world: Dr. Red Button and our precious niece Georgia. After celebrating Red’s new year with dinner, M. went jetsetting again to a conference in Cincinnati, OH, where she got to meet with dear friends and colleagues. And for the first time in 5 years, M.’s older sister, Angie, came for a visit without the kids. The Buttons pulled out all the culinary stops on this visit, having 8 meals in 36 hours in order to sate Angie’s appetite for US cuisine (since she lives in Mexico City).

November 2013: Red Button Goes…well…Everywhere

In November, it was Red Button’s turn to travel: first to San Diego for IMCE, then to Pittsburgh. But leave it to the Buttons to parlay every trip into an opportunity to see friends. Knowing that friends were just a few hours away in Cleveland and College Park, Red flew into Cleveland and hopped in a car with Peter. The pair happily joined jb for a night at Penn State, where they engaged in nerdery of the best kind, and then drove to Pittsburgh for Red’s conference. After weeks of being apart, the Buttons reunited in Chicago (well, actually in Lafayette) for Thanksgiving with Red’s family. Red Buttons parents have a house up on Lake Michigan and had for the entirety of the summer been rebuilding the house from scratch. “The Shack,” as they have always called it, is a shack no more, and we were finally able to make it up to see the lovely new home. In addition, we were finally able to go to the WINE AND MAC N CHEESE FESTIVAL, an event Red’s parents have been exclaiming about for years. It was epic. It was cheesy. It was delicious.

December 2013: First Lubbock Christmas

This Christmas, we Buttons decided to have our very own Christmas for the first time. The travel of the year had taken its toll on us–and our pocketbooks. So we hunkered down with work until Christmas, when we cooked a lovely feast, made mulled wine, and watched Christmas movies. Although we missed the hustle and bustle of Christmas with our families, it was the first time that M. Button had ever not been traveling from house to house on Christmas. So it was peaceful and calm.

RECAP: Over. The Buttons will do better about blogging this year.

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