a trip to mexico city

february has taken the Buttons to a range of states, including Illinois, Indiana Ohio, and–most recently–Mexico City. Okay, okay. Not a state, but still. The Mexico City trip was a last minute trip, planned when we found tickets to Mexico City for under $300. So after a quick turn around from the Indiana trip, M. Button took flight to spend 5 days with her sister, brother in law, ava and thomas, aka the Cummings Clan.

The trip, like most trips to Mexico City, was filled with laughter and fun. Angie is a stay-at-home mom, and this visit gave M. Button a little insight into what that means: trips to Ava’s school (in a taxi), then a walk to Thomas’ school (in Mexico, students go to school as early as 2 years old), then a trip to the gym and maybe an errand or two, and then picking up Thomas (down and up a steep ass hill), and then picking up Ava again. Then arts and crafts and The Disney Movie Frozen. SO. MUCH. FROZEN.


Ava and Thomas walk nearly everywhere with Mommy. This photo is from a trip to the grocery store.


Playing around with the kiddos. They love love love eachother.

In the evenings, Ang, Chris and I hung out, drank delicious wine, and enjoyed the silence of kidlessness. On Friday, we went to Olives for dinner and got all dressed up for a night on the town.




Ready for a night on the town!

Because I live so far away, I seldom get uninterrupted time with Ang and the fam. We usually take the opportunity of a visit to just hang out, which is what we did mostly. On Saturday we went to an open air market where M. Button bought gifts for friends (pics to come once they’ve been sent off!), and on Sunday we went in pursuit of the migrating Monarch butterflies. We never managed to make it–the directions were shoddy and parts of Mexico City are shady, so we finally turned around and stopped for a lovely brunch at a huge ranch house that featured delicious desayuno and horse rides. It apparently used to have bull fighting as an event, and we explored the grounds a bit before heading home.


Me with the kids at the Buffet.

All in all the trip brought early morning cuddles with Ava, lots of singing of Frozen with Thomas, and an impressive amount of wine shared between Ang and M. Button. Chris also introduced M. Button to a new drink, espresso & Liquer 43. I tried to buy some on the way out of Mexico City, but it got confiscated by security–even though it was in the freaking Duty Free packaging. WAH WAH.


Me and Ang with the kids.


Ava asked if we could cuddle on the chair.


Thomas and me, watching Frozen, no doubt.


Snuggles before saying good-bye on Monday morning.


Sisters say good bye. 🙁


The kids watching Mulan and giving the adults some quiet time.

So happy to have spent a few days with some of my most favorite people in the world. So, so happy.

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