Roughing It: Or Something Like That

As you may or may not know, Dr. Button and I were planning to go camping for his birthday. We had reserved a campsite, well, two, actually, and were excited about spending his birthday outdoors. This compares not to last year’s birthday at the Avetts Brothers Concert, but we were dedicated to trying.

Summer, Jcush, Megs, JDodge, jb, and Craig at the Avetts Brothers


Unfortunately, our camping trip got rained out (SO much rain in Texas, given the warnings of a drought), and so we’d been looking for ways to get outdoors. Our first attempt was to do some coffee-making over our new camp stove.

Red Button’s new Camping Stove and CoffeeMaker

That’s right. We set it up under our little carport right outside the house. After a weekend away from Lubbock (Red Button to meet our new niece, Georgia; me to see Jen, Avery, and Silas), we finally had a weekend at home. So we took to the outdoors…sorta. One of the things we love the most about our little house is that it has a stove out back. These are popular around these parts, and we’ve been looking to put it to good use.

Our awesome stove. In our backyard.


So after a dinner of poached pears, we decided to roast some marshmallows, have some wine, and make some music. So Red Button built a little fire, we roasted some marshmallows, and enjoyed a tune or two. I tried my best to play loud enough to annoy the young bucks next door, but they never came by to say to keep it down.

Dinner of Poached Pears and Liquor? Why not? We love being adults.

Red Button, getting his roast on.


Roasting, like a boss.

Dr. Mrs. Button plays a song for Dr. Red Button.

Overall, I’m not sure we were roughing it, so to speak. But we sure are glad for cool Texas Evenings and warm fires.


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