Practicing “Texan”

I am visiting my family in Indiana this weekend, ostentatiously to celebrate the arrival of my niece and my brother and sister-in-law’s new daughter:

Georgia Snoeyink!

Besides being the most beautiful baby ever, she sleeps. Alot. Like so much it boggles the mind. For example Kelly just informed me that Georgia just finished a 2 hour nap and *then* proceeded to tell me that she fed her an hour ago. Do the math people. This child is living the life, she gets to eat, sleep, and suck on a boob all at the same time. I am speechless.

Needless to say, when not holding the swaddle full of awwwwwwww, we took the opportunity to train me to be more Texan. No, I haven’t bought a truck. I’m talking about guns. Lots and lots of guns. A current estimate puts the number of guns in Texas at 50 million, for those keeping count that is twice the population of the state.

Guns up bitches!

So, we decided to do some target practice in before I return to the Lone Start State. Matt has a Remington bolt action 22 long rifle that had belonged to our Grandpa R, an ideal rifle for target practice because amo is very very cheap.

So, the setup. We drew several targets on a random box, set it up in front of a dirt pile, and then walked 30 paces out.


Target box, dirt pile, and Matt. He was born blurry, like the Sasquatch.

After drawing a line in the sand (really, the land out here is very sandy.)

Line in the sand written in brass for posterity… and rematches.

we started alittle…. competition.

Me wearing my fathers 20 year old Semento’s jacket…

Like a boss.

And Matt with a bad ass carhart ish thing…

Like a slightly more successful boss.

You will note, in all of these pictures, the conspicuous presence of *trees*. It is almost eerie coming back to the midwest after even 2 months in Lubbock, the trees are in control. I couldn’t help but think of what would happen if the trees wake up, if they go to war. Frankly, its not a legitimate post unless I can reference Tolken at some point.

It turns out Matt is the better shot, beating me 46 to 43. I know, you are yelling at the computer “But Craig had better form!”. You just can’t beat raw physical prowess.

The beat up target!

Note the progress. Not bad from about 25 yards out with iron sights, standing,  and as a complete noob.

In the end, I can head back to Texas with my head held high.

Fuck Ya.

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3 thoughts on “Practicing “Texan”

  1. Angie

    She is beautiful, Craig! And it is always weird to go back…

  2. Dad

    I must have missed the invite to the competition, I guess I will practice for the November shoot. I assume the muzzleloader is not allowed.

  3. Becky

    You had me at the Tolkien reference. Sometime you and Kristen needs to participate in Kama Shootra. 🙂

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