Y’all have a good morning!

Something that continues to surprise K and I is just how *friendly* everyone is here. And it isn’t just a superficial hello as you pass on the street. People in Lubbock genuinely seem to share and care to a degree that would be disconcerting if it weren’t so dang sincere. Case in point, the first day that K and I were here, while we were unloading the truck, a guy came buy from the gas company to turn on our utilities. He of course had to check to make sure all the pilot lights were working and everything was kosher so, while he was tooling around the house he sees our cats and proceeds to tell me all about the barn cats he has. Including the stray kitten he just took in and how well he treats them.

Could be just a nice guy… 4 hours later the guy who came to pick up the ABF trailer we had our stuff shipped told me all about his son’s football team and how, while he no longer coaches because it takes alot of time, he helps out by being one of the assistant coaches. The next day we go to Lowe’s to get some supplies for the house and to get copies of the house key made. Kristen starts chatting with the key maker and he proceeds to tell us two other places in town that really are better to get keys made at. At the credit union a woman chatted with us for 20 minutes about good vets and doctors despite us not being able to get an account yet because we arn’t full fledged Texas Tech employees yet.

The list goes on and on and includes all our co-workers at Texas Tech, really *everybody*. We joke about it, but it really has made the move into what is legitimately the middle of no where much easier. So, when I see this article on MSNBC’s website. I could only nod my head and say to myself… that makes sense.

What exactly made me nod so sagely? The article discusses the results of a Twitter analysis where someone compiled all the tweets in the US and compiled the number of times anyone said “Good morning”.  The then plotted the relative concentration of “Good morning” tweets as a heat map shown here:

Heat map showing relative concentration of “Good Morning” tweets.

You will notice the odd, very isolated, and very red dot in northwestern Texas. That, my friends, is Lubbock. We now have empirical evidence that this *actually is* the friendliest place on earth.



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One thought on “Y’all have a good morning!

  1. Angie

    I’m glad you are finding people friendly and Lubbock so pleasant!

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