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Y’all have a good morning!

Something that continues to surprise K and I is just how *friendly* everyone is here. And it isn’t just a superficial hello as you pass on the street. People in Lubbock genuinely seem to share and care to a degree that would be disconcerting if it weren’t so dang sincere. Case in point, the first […]

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Magic, I said Magic!

I am not a person who tends to wax mystical. Today though, today I witnessed magic. Behold, the Garlic Roller :   Yes, this is something so spectacular that I would use the blink html tag. How does it work? I’m glad you asked. Step one: insert garlic and roll…   Step 2: Profit! Yes, […]

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First Meal

I feel like I’m a mobster when I say this but: those who know us, know we love to cook. As a consequence, the first room of the house that we set up was the kitchen. It wasn’t until last night, however, that we actually got to cook something. What did we cook? Pizza! Yes, […]

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What a difference two hours makes…

Well, we are in Lubbock. More posts to follow soon about the new house we are renting and whatnot but first I want to talk about the climate here. Specifically we should talk about the incredible temperature changes that occur every morning. Yesterday we decided to go for a run for the first time down […]

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